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All Trotskyites & Communists!


Are you a communist that believes Trotsky was a hero who fought for the policies of Marx and Lenin against the evil Stalinists who worked to destroy the gains of October?

Do you believe that Stalin deliberately destroyed the international communist movement and terrorized his people at home through an immense aristocracy that he represented?

Do you believe that 1930s-era Russia was a 'degenerated workers' state' rather than the first model of Revolution? Is the "theory of permanent revolution" an actual theory to you?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you are suffering from the symptoms of Trotskyitus...

What do we do?

Our goal to to expose Trotskyism for what it is: revisionism. We are confident that if you read our stuff you will recognize that all your assumptions of Trotsky and Stalin are wrong. If you are not convinced, contact us and we'll be glad to back up our claims.

How can I help?

There are several ways to help us out here at the ATO.

- We're always looking for good deconstructive, éxposé-style material for our Trots section. Right now, we're searching for information we can use to rip Socialist Action and the Freedom Socialist Party, since we already have complete files on the ISO and the Spartacist League; they're just not back up yet, due to our recent website crash. But don't feel limited by our silly guidelines. If you have personal experience with any prominent Trot group, submit it!

If you want to write a whole file for a particular group, you'll need to submit all the material you want in the file--including website links, photos, illustrations, whatever--and then let an ATO member put it up. There's a particular format our Trot files tend to follow. Don't worry, we won't mangle your writing- much. :-)

- People often send us articles and ask for us to put them in our Articles section. We OK 99% of these articles, and we never censor their content. It's also been a long time since we got a great new humor piece, so...

- We hope the reader will carry our ideas into existing theoretical currents. You can start by sending emails out to your communist friends telling them why they are wrong. Create debate INSIDE the Trotskyist movement! We recognize that 99% of these parties are too undemocratic to allow any internal debate and would rather stifle it, but that's no reason not to raise some hell anyway.

- You can also apply for membership in the ATO by emailing us. Keep in mind, membership means that in addition to having access to this site, you're also responsible to it. You must keep it clean and current whenever others can't.

The following updates have been made:


Updates to the Anti-Trotskyite Opposition website have been discontinued until further notice, due to lack of contributors. If you would like to help get the site going again, please contact Thanks!


Added an annotated Humor piece entitled "Stalin vs. Hitler." It's pretty self-explanatory, and the navigation's easy, so go view it.

07/01/2003 2:58 AM

ATO is back online. Because the current setup is from a backup archive, it'll take some time to get the articles and updates we had before, back to what they were before. Rest assured, though, it'll all be here shortly...

Any visitors with a browser History (disk cache) file more recent than six months ago, should contact us so we can put our files on the ISO and the Sparts back up. It would really help. This archive is very old, as you undoubtedly can see, and there are tons of things missing!