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                        Did Stalin kill Lenin? Trotsky thought so...

 Alright dudes,

  If I hadnt had enough to laugh about this week, I found something real histerical. It turns out that at the end of his life, Trotsky believed Stalin killed Lenin!  If there is anything that discredit's all of Trotsky's aggitation against Stalin it gots to be this. Here is what he said in his book "Stalin" :

`What was Stalin's actual role at the time of Lenin's  illness? Did not the disciple do something to expedite his master's death?'

 We at the ATO decided to do an investigation into this, so we emailed the authorities in Russia. We have not gotten back a response since.

 Dear Russian police,

 I am writing you today on the subject of the Russian revolutionary Lenin' death. It is an accepted fact today that Lenin died of a series of strokes perpetuated by gunshot wounds to his neck during an attempted assination. However there is new evidece that changes all this! I have strong reason to suspect that Stalin himself killed Lenin.

 We have come to this conclusion because of different reasions. First Stalin was evil, he had to have killed Lenin. Second, Leon Trotsky suggested it.
"I am firmly convinced that Stalin could not have waited passively when his fate hung by a thread." We can take Trotsky's word since he is the true diciple of Lenin, he was always a true boslhevik contrary to the Stalinist claims. He always defned the Soviet Union even in the face of World War 2.
Third, you will note that in Lenin's last Testament, that great document where Lenin made his final opinions of his diciples in such an adequate and consciousness manner free of any obstacles(like sickness). In this document he said that Stalin should be removed. Later on he said "Stalin is rude." This could only mean that Lenin believed Stalin was a power hungry monster who wanted to turn the Soviet state into a totaltarian dictatorship, and why ? why else ? Are not all evil dictator's rude ?
Fourth, There is also something very suspicious about Lenin' autopsy report. Here is a copy:

"The basic disease of the deceased was disseminated vascular arteriosclerosis based on premature wearing out of the vessels. The narrowing of the lumen of the cerebral arteries and the disturbances of the cerebral blood supply brought about focal softening of the brain tissue which can account for all symptoms of the disease (paralysis, disturbance of speech)"

These do not look like the words of a doctor ! They look like the words of someone who wanted to plant a crime ! Come on, who could accept "lumen" wearing of the vessels" and "arterioscelrosis" as real medical terminology ? This doctor is the same kind of practicioner we find in the fields hired by Tobbacco corporations to claim tobacco isn't addictive or evolution is not real. What we have here is clearly a creationist, who created a lie and a crime.

 So now we must put the events in order. Trotsky stated that he first believed Stalin killed Lenin at a meeting:`toward the end of February, 1923, at a meeting of the Politburo ..., Stalin informed us ... that Lenin  had suddenly called him in and had asked him for poison. Lenin  ... considered his situation hopeless , foresaw the approach of a new stroke, did not trust his physicians ..., he suffered unendurably.' (Stalin) He also noted at the meeting how Stalin, "Stalin's face seemd to me .... a sickly smile was"(Ibid)

Trotsky imagined the course of affairs somewhat like this:
"Lenin  asked for poison at the end of February, 1923 .... Toward winter Lenin began  to improve slowly ...; his faculty of speech began to come back to him.."

There acourse is a contradiction here: If there was no hope for Lenin, why would Stalin need to kill him ? Also if Stalin wanted to kill Lenin, why did he tell everyone at the commitee meeting including his arch enemy Trotsky ?  We already stated the answer. Stalin was a power hungry dictator he needed to kill Lenin as fast as possible now so he could immediatly start his reign of terror. Also Stalin must have told everyone at the meeting that Lenin wanted Stalin to give him poison so people would think that Stalin would be the least likely suspect to have killed Lenin.

"Stalin was after power .... His goal was near, but the danger emanating from Lenin  was even nearer. At this time Stalin must have made up his mind that it was imperative to act without delay .... Whether Stalin sent the poison to Lenin  with the hint that the physicians had left no hope for his recovery or whether he resorted to more direct means I do not know."

So in conclusion we ask that the Russian police force take a look into the matter carefully. Lenin's body is fully intact and you should be able to find traces of poison in him.  We respectfully ask you to do a new autopsy report on Lenin. Untill such an examination is done, Lenin will continue to roll in his mauseleum.


yours truely
Wacky Trot