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Defending our beef with Trotskyism
and our view on the USSR, Stalin, etc.

Trotsky: Just Another Right Winger.

Why Trotskyism, far from being the most revolutionary tendency in existence, is actually the vanguard of the counterrevolutionary, anti-working class elite. Traces the legacy of Leon Trotsky forward, from the days of the man himself to those of his followers, proving the two mirror one another impeccably.


Is China Socialist?
Articles arguing both perspectives.

Is Cuba Socialist?
Articles arguing both perspectives.

The Comintern and German Communism
Exposes early errors made by Lenin and Trotsky on this issue.

 Sovet Russia Today
An excellent American magazine about the Soviet Union and what was going on inside it.

The real history of Stalin and the International Communist movement
Refuting some Trot myths about Stalin and Comintern.

 Lenin Denounces Trotsky
What Trotskyism doesn't want you to know

What about Lenin's Testament? 
Refuting the myths of Lenin's "last testament."


 In Defense of Stalinism
An analysis of the USSR from collectivization to the purges

Stalin on Bureaucracy 
Stalin's view of bureaucracy, right from his own mouth.

Lies Concerning history of the Soviet Union 
Interesting article on how historians made up claims to the number of people killed in the Soviet Union.

Another View of Stalin 
Many people view Stalin as a cold brutal dictator with a personality cult.  Ludo Martens adeptly observes otherwise.

 Tribute to Enver Hoxha 
Learn more about the Albanian leader. Has rare articles by him.