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What the Soviet Union was like under Stalin from unbiased American AFL-CIO sources who were there!


What was Soviet Russia Today?

We aren't sure about where or who exactly published Soviet Russia Today. We recently thought it had been published by the CIO (or AFL-CIO but that didn't exist at the time). But that turned out wrong. So now, we're not really sure. What we do know is that the articles are good and authentic. It provides some little known light on what was really going on in the Soviet Union and how things really worked.

Note: Since we're transfering these online "by hand / keyboard," errors will tend to slip through.  If you spot a spelling error or odd grammar in one of these, please let us know at

What we have transfered online so far:

The Soviet Wage System - An excellent account of how the Soviet wage system works and what role the people play in it (as well as the 5 year plans). 

More will definitely follow soon...