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     ORGANIZATION: Workers International League (also known as Youth For International Socialism -- we assure you that the only difference is that the WIL is made up of the people their "inner circle" likes)
    CREATED: Before it was the Workers International League, it was Youth For International Socialism.  That was founded sometime around 1996.
    MEMBERS: (actual): about 40, possibly 50
    MEMBERS: (what they say): I've heard them claim upwards of 200. 



     - More in depth look at the WIL and it's history
COMMENTS: They have an active discussion list on YFIS.  We have about 6 to 10 phony accounts on their list and even more trying to get on.  The list isn't listed, so we've provided you the link.  You'll be banned the first time you post anything that doesn't show "solidarity" or whatever, so make the first one count! :) 

Ted Grant--  Ayatollah of the WIL